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Pornstar Experience

Pornstar-Experience-bigThere is no man who hasn’t fantasized about spending the night with a pornstar. Now, this experience can be possible with our Paradise Secrets escorts. All our experienced high class escorts can provide an unforgettable pornstar experience. This kind of experience is all about naughty fun, hardcore sex and whatnot. The pornstar experience is similar with the plot that takes place in most porn movies. Our kinky girls are willing to do a lot of naughty things and if you have any special requests let us know in advance so we can prepare the ultimate pornstar experience for you.

Some of our finest escorts are pornstars. This makes the pornstar experience as real as it can get. A lot of men dream about the perfect woman. This perfect woman knows how to be elegant and refined in any social situation but between four walls she unleashes the passion inside her and she is one true wildcat.

The Pornstar Experience is one of the most popular services here, at Paradise Secrets. Men can’t get enough of this wild, realistic experience.

What is the pornstar experience all about?

Say hello to something spectacular. A session of rough sex at its finest. Kinky sex, wild sex, role play, everything is possible with the pornstar experience. Even if most of our girls aren’t all pornstars their experience in bed will definitely prove to you that the pornstar isn’t about hooking up with a real porn actress. The pornstar experience is about an open minded girl who is willing to experience rough sex or who has the necessary skills to turn a night into a real pornstar experience.

Indulge in a sweet fantasy

There is nothing sexier than a girl who will submit to your every desire. She can play the submissive girl or she can be the domineering woman. It’s up for you to decide. You two can even role play since most of our escorts have a lot of sexy costumes and they can either be the sexy maids, the hot nurses or the innocent schoolgirls that need to be punished.

Available Escorts for the Service

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If you have a certain scenario in mind, that can be easily arranged as long as you let us know in advance so we can take care of every little detail. Make sure to book the escort that you want in advance to have her for your pleasure only. Booking in advance will assure you that that particular escort will be available for you and your deepest desires.

Combining pleasure with elegance and experience to get one unique, Pornstar Experience

Our girls may be naughty in bed, but if you seek their companionship in public, too you don’t have to worry about a thing. Although our high class escorts will show you a hardcore side of sex, they can be true ladies in every social context so you will feel relaxed, no matter what.

If you want to make sure that you can enjoy the full pornstar experience, meaning the escort that you choose will fully submit to your scenarios, you should better let us know in advance if you have any special request and make sure to check the escort’s willingness to perform different scenarios. Most girls are open to a lot of sexual experiences, but they may say no to certain things so it’s best to communicate your wishes so we can make sure that you’ll enjoy the pornstar experience.

One memorable experience

This uninhibited experience that Paradise Services offers will surely be memorable. It’s no surprise that both men and women watch porn on a regular basis. All of our escorts enjoy watching porn because they are sexually active. Our escorts have some unfulfilled fantasies, too. Most of our glamorous escorts have day jobs and they do this activity to explore new sexual dimensions. You’d be surprised how many escorts are still longing for some fantasies to come true. Maybe her fantasies match yours and you can both satisfy each other in a passionate moment.

Pornography is everywhere. You can find erotic images in different magazines, movies, videos and whatnot. It’s natural that being exposed to porn would make a lot of people want more…

The ultimate guide to a realistic experience

Most of our elite escorts offer this realistic experience. The pornstar experience is different than the girlfiend experience.

The pornstar experience isn’t as sensual and romantic. You can pull the escort by the hair, gently spank her, you can both engage in anal play as long as she consents to it. The positions vary and they seem quite naughty and kinky. The outfits are breathtaking; a lot of roleplaying will be involved, too.

If you feel naughty, you can ask the escort to bring some toys with her or you can suggest what kind of toys you have in mind. Imagination plays an important part in the pornstar experience, too.

If you don’t have something special in mind, let the gorgeous escort do the job for you. Let her surprise you with what she knows.

You can also be the dominating partner or you can let her take charge of the entire action and be bossy and demanding. You can order the escort around, making her submit to your every desire.

To sum it up, most of the things that you see in porn movies will be reenacted with one of our high class escorts. Hong Kong will seem such a thrill after this amazing, realistic experience.

The pornstar experience isn’t a short booking. The escort should feel comfortable with you and you should meet her first and see if you two click and share things in common. In order to enjoy the pornstar experience, you need to feel it is realistic. This can only happen after you meet the escort first over dinner and start to converse and make sure you both enjoy each other’s company.

The Pornstar Experience is as genuine as it can get

The pornstar experience is probably the most intimate experience that we offer and this isn’t an emotionless encounter. The escort has feelings, too and you both need to be seduced by the idea and see what you are willing to do and what you expect from this experience before engaging in a rough and kinky moment.

The escorts at Paradise Secrets believe in safe sex and they practice it

We should also remind you that any type of sex, from oral to anal or vaginal sex is done with protection. All of our escorts practice safe sex only. This is the only difference in comparison with porn movies. The rest of the action and the passionate moments reenact a porn movie 100%.

Remember that it is essential to talk about your fantasies with the escort that you chose so she can set the scene, get a particular sexy outfit if your fantasies involve role playing and on and so forth. Be open with the gorgeous model and let her know why you chose this particular, pornstar experience and what you can both do to enjoy the moments spent together.

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