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This section is dedicated to giving answers to the most common questions that may come up. If these questions didn’t manage to clear things out for you, don’t hesitate to ask us any question in the contact section.

Does the gallery show photos of real escorts?

Our exclusive services are transparent. Our galleries show real photos of our real escorts. We respect our clients and we are a professional agency that never deceives its clients. The photos are 100% genuine and our female escorts are really this hot

Are these girls professional escorts?

Actually no. These fine, educated women are hot, charming, amazing, experienced but they are not professional escorts. All of our high class escorts are either students or have different day jobs. They have decided to become escorts just for the fun of it.

What special services do these elite escorts offer?

Truth be told, Paradise Secrets doesn’t work this way. Our escorts provide various experiences that are described in detail in our “services” section. Our Hong Kong escorts can also offer a personalized experience, if the client has something special in mind.

Do these services apply to couples, too?

All of our models give information about their sexual orientation in their online portfolio, in the “about me” section. Most of our models are active bisexuals that feel comfortable around a woman as well as around a man.

Can I contact the escort I like before I place the booking?

No. All the detailed information can be found on every escort’s online page. Paradise Secrets has taken the responsibility to represent its escorts and offer details regarding their measurements and personality. These details can be found on every escort’s page along with some recent photographs of that particular high class escort.

When should I place the booking?

Booking in advance is always a good thing, because this allows us to take care of any special requests. Same day bookings are also possible with many of our female escorts, but one has to make sure that his favorite escort is available on that specific time frame. Booking at least a day in advance is highly recommended.

Can I offer my details without any problems?

Paradise Secrets is all about professionalism and discretion. We respect the client’s privacy and our online environment is safe and confidential. A member can change the details that he has provided and he can cancel his fee any time he feels like it.

Can the escorts travel outside the country, too?

All of our escort companions can travel in and out of the country without any problems. Our high class escorts are available for national as well as worldwide trips.

Can I get to chat with my escort first?

If you plan on spending more time with one of our high class escorts or if you want to travel with her, it’s quite impossible to chat with her beforehand. There are some services that we offer which can help you to get to know our escorts better.  For example, you can go on a dinner date with the female escort that you like or you can try a private booking to see exactly if you two click.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, there are. Our clients should be at least 21 years old in order to place a booking with one of our beautiful escorts. There is no maximum age restriction, but there are some models that impose some age restrictions and this information is always mentioned on their online profile.

What happens if I don’t like the escort that I chose?

You must contact us in the first 5 minutes to let us know that. We can offer you another escort that will better suit your tastes.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, this is possible but you need to contact us and let us know of your decision so we can help you with the cancellation process.

Should I bring a gift when I meet the escort that I chose?

It’s all up to you. You can bring a gift to pleasantly surprise your escort and to show that you like her presence.

What should I do before and after a booking?

Cleanliness is something respected by any elegant woman. Politeness and respect towards our high class escorts is also a must. These educated, beautiful women are professional ladies who expect the same treatment in return.

When am I supposed to pay?

The payment should be done in the first 5 minutes of the encounter. Put the amount of money in an envelope and hand it to the hot escort. She will count the money and then she will call us to let us know that everything is fine.

Is smoking allowed?

If you are a smoker, our escorts won’t be bothered by you smoking. If you pick an escort and she’s a smoker and you’re not, please let her know to refrain from smoking if that bothers you.

Can I ask my escort to wear something special?

If you have a certain outfit in mind, please let us know so we can make all the necessary arrangements.

Do I have the possibility of writing a review?

You can write a review but please keep the graphic details away. We will be checking the reviews before posting them.

Are there any extra costs?

No. We are a legal, transparent escort agency and all of our rates can be found on the website. You will find out details about the exact amount of money before booking the escort.

Can I use drugs during my date with an escort?

This illegal activity is strictly forbidden and the escort can leave anytime without any refund if she is offered illegal drugs.

Why is there a 2-3 hour minimum requirement for a booking?

Paradise Secrets offers a full erotic and girlfriend experience. Our agency isn’t only about sex; it’s also about interaction and about getting to know the escort better.

Can I ask my escort her phone number or contact details?

This is strictly forbidden and disrespectful towards the high class escort. Respect the escort’s privacy.

My escort refuses some of my requests. What should I do now?

Our exclusive, elite escorts have the right of refusing your request. Don’t get pushy and respect her as a person. This should be a pleasant experience for you both and there are so many things that you can do together; it’s all about finding a mutual fantasy or request that satisfies both parties.

Why are the rates so expensive?

Our rates reflect the professional services we offer. Our elite escorts offer so many different experiences, they are sociable, beautiful and intelligent and these genuine qualities are bound to offer you an amazing experience. After interacting and having fun with our experienced escorts you will see that the time and money you spend are well worth it.

Do you offer special discounts?

All of the discounts that we offer are mentioned on the page. Apart from those discounts, there aren’t any other special offers available. Some of our escorts offer different rates, so you can find an escort who can meet your financial situation.

Where are your escorts allowed to travel?

Our escorts can travel wherever they feel like it; there are no restrictions concerning this situation. Our excellent female escorts can travel worldwide and the details can be set in advance by contacting us.

Why should I book with Paradise Secrets?

We aim to entertain you with our best services yet. Our agency’s excellence and professionalism attracts a loyal and impressive clientele. Our high class, glamorous escorts, the services that we offer and our complete discretion are what separates us from the rest of the agencies out there.

Is it safe to book with Paradise Secrets?

We are a legal escort service and you won’t be breaking any law (regardless of the country you are in) when booking with us.